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 Events & Contest Rules

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PostSubject: Events & Contest Rules   Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:29 pm

Events & Contest Rules

This thread covers the rules concerning the creating and participation in Contests and Events hosted either by Where Worlds Collide forum or forum members
In addition to these rules, you are expected to follow our General Rules & Guidelines

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PostSubject: Re: Events & Contest Rules   Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:38 pm

Hosting an Event or Contest

  • There is a difference between a contest and a request

A contest: requires you give out a limited amount of prizes, usually given to the top entries. Therefore, not everyone entering the contest will be rewarded something.
A request: requires you to give out compensation to every image or work of fiction you like and plan to use. Therefore, most who enter will receive something in return.

Please be aware of the differences and host your requests, contest or events in the proper part of the forum.

  • All conteste and events must state the following in the "opening" post(s)

- The rules
- The prizes/compensation
- Who the judges are
- The deadline(the end date of the contest)

  • Changing the End Date of a contest is prohibited

Changing the end date/deadline of a contest or event makes it unfair to those that are entering are already entered.

If there is a serious reason when the date must be changed, please talk to an Event Moderator before doing so.

  • Contests/Events may not be longer than one month

From start to end a contest or event can not be longer than a month long. This is to ensure that all contests and events of any part of the forum remain "active".

  • Advertising is prohibited

By advertising, we mean creating threads to promote a contest or event that is off-site or on another forum.
We don't allow this because we cannot moderate what happens off-site.

  • Running a false contest/event or keeping credits supplied by a sponsor for yourself is STRICTLY PROHIBITED

This is considered fraud and will result in a warning with a possible banning. In the most severe cases, we may prohibit you from hosting contests or events ever again on our forum.

  • Requesting personal information in order to enter or win prizes is prohibited

This includes:

- Name
- Address
- Age
- Real life photos
- Credit Card information
- Birthdate
- Passwords or log-in information to our forums or any other site.

  • We reserve the right to lock your request any time

Should any of the following occure we will not hesitate to lock your contest or event request:

- An inactive request/host
- A request suspected of being fraudulent
- A request that does not follow our forum rules

If your request was locked, feel free to contact a moderator and we will gladly tell you why.

  • Creating an "unfair" contest/event is prohibited

We consider the following to be an unfair request for contests and events:

- Accepting bribes in order to win the contest or event
- Being bias towards friends/popular artists/writers/creaters

This will result in your request being held under review to see if any further action is needed, and can result in a warning level being docked, temporary ban, or permanent ban on your account.
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PostSubject: Re: Events & Contest Rules   Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:41 pm

Entering a Contest or Event

  • You can only participate in an contest/event during the time span provided
Submitting an entry late will not be counted.

  • Don't be a sore loser if you do not win
This in incredibly immature and depending on what you post or say, it could result in a forum warning.

However, if you believe that someone cheated please contact a moderator instead of posting in the thread about it.

  • All Non-Official Where Worlds Collide contests/events are to be entered 'at your own risk'
As moderators, all we can do is dock warning bars and issue bans. We cannot make up for lost or lack of prizes.

  • Cheating is prohibited
Please follow the rules of the event or contest! If you are found to be cheating such as:

- Bribing the host
- Swaying the votes in your or someone else's favor

You will receive an official warning that may be accompanied with a timed banning.
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PostSubject: Re: Events & Contest Rules   

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Events & Contest Rules
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